The Film

This is the story of Niara, the strange girl from the Far Lands who must find her strength in order to fulfill her quest.

Meet the Production Team

Schatzi Trones

Writer, Producer, Editor

Schatzi grew up acting in her local children's theatre and community theatre productions.

Karli Keck


Karli is a 2006 graduate of Rosebud School of the Arts, a theatre school in Alberta.

Caleb Henry


Caleb studied filmmaking at Los Angeles Film Studies Center and Oklahoma Christian University.

Meet the Cast

Schatzi Trones


JJ Stautner

Taeland & Evil

Mark Huntington


Dorothy Carlson


Samuel Keck

Murderer/Village Man #1

Keegan Eide


Heather Peterson

Young Woman

Josiah Huntington

Young Man

Emma Keck

Village Girl #1

Piper Keck

Village Girl #2

Mitch Melberg

Village Man #2

Thomas Farrenkopf

Village Man #3

Karli Keck

Village Woman #1

Holly Howell

Village Woman #2

George Heinsen

Village Man #4

Phil Jore

Voice of God

Attend the Premiere

Niara will be premiering December 1st in Williston, and you are invited!  Click the link to the right to purchase your tickets!