Our Story

Williston native Schatzi Jore dreamed of making a movie from the time she was a child.  Five years ago, a story idea came to her... about a green-skinned girl named Niara.

She teamed up with her sister Karli, who holds an acting degree from Rosebud School of the Arts, and friend Caleb, who was studying filmmaking at Oklahoma Christian University.

Most of the actors are also Williston locals; those who are not came from other towns in North Dakota.  The filming of this movie was an incredible - almost magical - experience. The vast majority of the cast and crew had zero experience with any aspect of filmmaking; and for several, this was their first time acting. Yet everyone pulled together to create memories they will treasure forever.


Attend the Premiere

Niara will be premiering December 1st in Williston, and you are invited!  Click the link to the right to purchase your tickets!